USU Jazz Orchestra



Photograph of the 2016 - 2017 Jazz Orchestra

The Jazz Orchestra is the premier jazz ensemble at Utah State University and is directed by Jon Gudmundson, head of the jazz studies program. It is made up of five saxophones (alto, tenor, and baritone), five trumpets, four trombones, piano, guitar, bass, and drums, who meet three times a week at 1:00 and perform selections from big band and contemporary jazz music. Auditions for the entire year are held the first week of school in the fall, but it is possible to challenge current members and replace them. The audition is based solely on ability to sightread a piece of big band music, and those interested in soloing will be asked to improv. Jazz Orchestra plays four times a year at USU, in addition to occasional performances at festivals and high schools. Its 2016-2017 members include:


  • Alto I: Nick Lilly
  • Alto II: Ben Bowen
  • Tenor I: AJ Nicoll
  • Tenor II: Rayna Bell
  • Baritone: Edwin Butterfield


  • Pablo Palacios
  • Erik Horne
  • Omar Ordonez
  • Stephanie England


  • Erik Walker
  • Brandon Pedersen
  • Hannah Harmer
  • Enrique Tellez

Rhythm Section

  • Keys: Jaron Putnam
  • Guitar: Alfredo Balcacer & Gavin Nichols
  • Bass: Spencer Aamodt
  • Drums: Michael Burnham & Emily Ashcroft

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